Welsh Wales!

Sadly no photos of this but Myrtyle is still carrying half a forests worth of pine needles and bits and bobs from our WelshWales adventure!
Grumpy-dad and I set off, he on his bike and me aboard Myrtyle, at first erroneously up what turned out to be some forestry tracks -things got a little too exciting a little too quickly as we reached the top of a hill and realised we ought to be at the bottom, so set off down a new, steep down hill track… to cut a long and slightly screamy story short, no body died but when we reached the bottom, having negotiated two very steep drops, two large fallen fir trees and some horrible areas of track where the surface was washed away by run off, we found… dah dah dahhhhhhh.. A Locked Gate.


Locked gates are the bane of my life, there is nothing more likely to cause an Ems based explosion than a locked gate, however on this occasion we probably weren’t supposed to be where we were (yay, trespassing!), and now we had the prospect of getting back UP those horrible steep drops..


Welllllll, I wibbled, I must admit – I know Myrtyle is robust and capable, but those tracks were STEEP, and the surface loose and wet, and horribly uneven. I had my doubts, I have to say, but Myrtyle did me proud and we positively ZOOMED up the hills and back to the safety of the tarmac track we should have been on!
We then played it safe and stuck to the tarmac’d route of an old railway line (which we had intended to do in the first place), and safely negotiated various anti-horse/anti-motorbike gates. It is worth noting here, there appears to be no fixed standard width for these things – some where wide enough that, with the seat reclined right back, I could drive through if I was very careful – and some so narrow I had to get off and squeeze through with tyres squeaking against the metal!


All in all though, the most annoying things were that none of the road barriers were RADAR key enabled (bloody stupid as they all were using a captive padlock system ANYWAY, just one of a different kind!) and whoever laid the path clearly never envisaged anyone using either an electric chair, mobility scooter or all terrain style pushchair, as there was usually no room to negotiate various obstacles without dropping a back wheel or two off a four inch or more drop. Its hard enough to steer a big chunky scooter through a tight bendy space anyway, for all her joys and skills, her turning circle resembles that of a small elephant, but when you have a wheel hanging in space or are also trying to climb a step at the same time it gets nigh on impossible.

I would DEARLY like to meet the owner of the dog that left what seemed like several gallons of bright yellow shit, just off such a drop by a gateway as I describe above – having got into position to get through the gate, I got wheelspin in the turd and eventually left the area liberally sprayed with it, not to mention it all over my wheels and the undercarriage of the scooter.

You, sir, or madam, are an inconsiderate arsehole and I fervently hope you fall face first into a heap of dog shit yourself – I manage to clear up EVERY SINGLE TURD my five dogs produce, whether thats at home or out on a walk, if I can take the time to do so, so can  you!


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