So – today I sent The Boy out to investigate The Gate. This is the non-accessible gate a mere two minutes from my house, that gives access to miles and miles of footpaths across arable fields – perfect for walking doggies and getting out and about..
I contacted the ROW officer about this gate back in March, as it seemed very silly that there was not a RADAR lock on it so that one could open it the other way to give access to scooters, pushchairs, powerchairs etc, and they agreed and earmarked it for ‘immediate’ action, changing it for a RADAR gate.
Anyway it turns out that ‘immediate’ for these purposes, means several months, so when nothing had happened a couple of weeks back, I emailed again and was told actually it SHOULD have been done and now WOULD be done.. and whaddya know.. it HAS been done. So i zoomed out with my RADAR key and off we went.

Kelda and Dilly accompanied us – Kelda found it amazing, though didn’t like the scary woods (lots of trying to climb in my lap in case of monsters), Dilly found it amazing because of the range of dead things in varying stages of decomposed and mangled by the recent harvesting, which he rolled in with huuuuuuuge enthusiasm!

One slight error in choosing the way home, I picked a path that turned out too narrow with a ditch on one side and a really deep rut on the other so I had to go across the stubble (don’t worry folks, I would never do that on a newly seeded crop, or a grown crop, but it was stubble and an emergency!)… not all stubbles are equal though and I can safely say that maize stubble, that has been harvested with a huge combine.. thats NOT fun to ride a scooter across. Bumpy is NOT the word for it and I am amazed I didnt wobble myself to death (Myrtyle handled it FINE though, despite it being seriously abusive to small purple scooters!).


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