Old Hills – a trundle around the common.

Lovely sunday lunch at the Old Bush (sniggergiggle), today was one of those bizarre few days where its suddenly high summer…at the end of March. Weird or what, but who am I to question the weather Gods, so we packed up Myrtyle into the van, along with a dog or two and off we went to find somewhere nice.

One of the joys of living here (Malvern) is that I am surrounded by Common land, most of which is totally accessible and open, not a stile or a gate in sight. Bliss.

There are some steep and rutted tracks though – this is what my sister thought I ought go up. I wasn’t so keen, but Myrtyle shot up it like a ferret up a trouserleg (though I have never seen a ferret quite that size, nor in purple).



Everyone had fun, no dog based disasters either!


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